Audio: Dictionary Series – “Business”


Higher Liberty Audio:59 Epigenetics

4:50 John the Baptist – “Repent. Make straight the way (path) of the LORD.

5:00 Kingdom oriented business

6:29 Left hand and right hand of the Kingdom

6:48 Genesis 48:14

7:19 Matthew 6:3

7:40 Right hand is the state of the people

10:55 Ownership is individual, not collective

11:32 Bondage of Babylon Jeremiah 29:1

14:44 The left hand of government is the church

14:49 Corban

15:19 Caesar was providing welfare

15:49 Pharisees, Levites, religion, piety

16:54 Patronus vs. Father in Heaven and hope

17:29 Church is the servant of the public, elders, ministers

20:22 Congregations of the people separate from the “church”

21:05 Coveting

21:20 General welfare, individual welfare

23:00 Jeremiah 29:7, seek the peace of the city

33:00 Freewill offerings

34:00 False dreams and schemes

35:05 God of Heaven, gods of the world

35:25 Seek His peace, repentance, grace, freedom

36:50 Do not oppress the stranger in your midst, but care for the family of God first

37:15 Business plan

37:25 Christ and concern for others must be foundational

37:36 Loyalty to what is right over profit

38:05 The Kingdom is a capitalist nation

40:49 Skills are capital assets, sharing among congregations

41:42 Pool efforts in cooperation of love

42:02 Congregation care, Kingdom care

42:56 Minister is SBA go-to person

44:45 Learn from others’ experience and mistakes

46:08 Get business assistance and training, mutual benefit

47:48 Business location

48:00 Learn to work together with others in a charitable way

48:20 Financing your business

50:35 Legal structure

52:20 Business name, registrations, licenses

53:00 employees, regulations, be friends with unrighteous mammon

53:41 Be a resource but don’t exercise authority

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