Audio: Dictionary Series – “CORE”


:50 Social compacts, Mayflower Compact, Squanto

Higher Liberty Audio3:28 Capitalism is the way of the Kingdom

3:48 Pure religion

4:35 Prepare for hard times

5:23 Congregations of record, witness, testimony

6:15 Corporation Sole

7:36 Elders, kings, natural family

8:32 Holy matrimony vs. marriage by the state

9:11 Unincorporated association, free assembly


11:08 Christ’s way is the only way

11:31 Daily ministration

11:37 Baptism of Jesus Christ vs. baptism of Herod

11:50 Corban, compelled offerings

12:34 Contract with God written on hearts and minds

13:05 Faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty

13:15 World constitutional orders and systems of government

13:25 Pentecost, network of elders

14:00 Socialist way

21:00 Ministers, elders, international network

24:00 Repentance

24:30 Daniel 9:13 Iniquity

26:30 Rituals

29:19 Kingdom of God is within you

29:49 Be doers of the word

30:54 Corban

34:10 Sacred Purpose Trust – minister owns responsibility

35:45 Sacrifice of the red heifer, helping and not oppressing

35:55 Isaiah 28:10 – Precept upon precept

36:37 Evidence of the Lordship of Christ

38:11 Altars of earth (clay) – adama

39:56 System of edification

40:50 Written testimony, actual testimony

41:00 Congregation, church

41:20 Altars of stone

42:05 Separation of church and state

42:25 Black’s Law Dictionary

42:56 Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles

43:37 Bonds within and between families

44:58 No common purse of rights

47:44 Christians in Conflict

48:09 Legal entity of Christ

51:33 Bishops, episcopos, archbishops

53:00 liturgy

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