Audio: Free Home


Higher Liberty Audio0:42 Layers

1:09 Matthew 13:11 Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven

2:00 The Living Network

2:24 Ministers of Record, Congregation of Recorded Elders CORE, free assemblies

4:05 Doctrines of Christ

5:33 Denominations

6:16 Corrupting influences, elders

7:20 pure religion

9:41 Utah homeless

16:52 Freewill offering, charity

17:20 Abraham Lincoln

18:26 virtue, freedom

19:09 Democrat and Republican parties

20:56 People solution, not political

21:43 Be the change you want to see

30:49 Injustice, Pharisees, the weightier matters

33:05 Choice vs. force

36:20 One purse – Proverbs

36:40 Social welfare scheme

36:50 Corban of the Pharisees

40:24 Quantitative easing

40:50 Commodity money

48:00 Corvee, The History of Slavery by Susan Everett

49:15 Covenants of the Gods

51:32 Mark of the Beast

Social Problems by Henry George

53:25 Employee – Clark’s Summary of U.S. American Law

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