Audio: Jesus Series 2 of 9


Higher Liberty Audio

:40 Context of environment and language

1:05 Luke 16:27 – five brothers

1:50 Annas

2:19 Joseph Caiaphas

2:48 Crucifixion

6:27 Syrian Jacobites – Caiaphas believed in Christ

6:34 The Apocryphal and Legendary Life of Christ by James DeQuincy Donahoo, M.A.

6:55 The Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Saviour

The apocryphal gospels and other documents relating to the history of Christ by Benjamin Harris Cowper

7:24 Josephus Flavius

8:11 Matthew 26:61

9:47 Mark 14:61 – Son of God

11:47 Mark 9:1 – See the Kingdom come

12:23 Josephus Flavius – Roman siege upon Jerusalem

12:55 Men standing in clouds

13:40 Believing Jews allowed to leave

16:36 Corban

22:46 Unlearned and ignorant men

26:37 In the world not of the world

27:04 Are Christian’s Idiots?

29:37 The Gospel of James

The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew 

31:33 Faith and hope

31:56 Essenes

32:00 Hellenistic Greeks

32:13 Reserve funds – golden statues

32:31 Apocryphal writings

35:03 Share with the brethren first

 36:29 Reading the Gospel in the Dark – Portrayals of Jesus in Films by Richard Walsh

36:38 The Conflict, Holiness and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus by Marcus J. Borg

37:35 Why were Christians being persecuted?

39:42 Jesus Christ of Nazareth legal King of Judea

41:10 Follow the money

42:08 Bishop Ambrose of Milan

42:58 Constantine

43:54 Lady Godiva Free Church Report

45:51 Biblical Theology Bulletin

46:52 Journal of Biblical Literature

47:20 New wine in old wineskin

47:56 Journal of American Academy of Religion

49:05 Jesus in Contemporary Scholarship By Marcus Borg

50:31 The Conflict of Christianity and the Roman State

51:02 The Historical Jesus – The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant by John Dominic Crossan – religious and economic egalitarianism

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