Audio: Ubuntu and Charity


Higher Liberty Audio

1:20 Mind control vs. Indwelling Holy Spirit  – Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil vs. Tree of Life

2:45 Dogma

3:17 Truth

4:40 Spirit of the Beast

6:15 Ubuntu, tribalism, congregationalism

6:14 Sacrifice of the Red Heifer

7:15 Thy Kingdom Comes, Artifice in Language Land

7:26 Altars of clay and stone, social welfare

8:16 Passover

12:09 Gathering of friends

13:50 Spirit of Abraham and faith

15:40 High priesthood of Israel

16:10 Social welfare vs. charity

16:48 Frederic Bastiat

18:50 Anarchist

19:38 Corban vs. freewill offerings

30:56 Ubuntu, contributionism

31:57 Covenants of the Gods

39:40 Corporations

42:17 Ministers of congregations and family economics

44:00 Social justice

44:23 False prophets, teachers

44:00 Choice of ministers

47:00 Free assemblies, corporations

49:05 Overwhelming love

49:30 Sacrifice of the red heifer

50:15 Temple of living stones 

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