Ayn Rand and Social Security

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Someone tried to say that “…Ayn Rand signed up for Social Security and Medicare when it was clear the income from her novels could not support her in her old age. When pressed on it, she stated that she paid in, she should at least get that much out. When it was later pointed out that the payouts, particularly in medical bills, far exceeded everything she had ever paid in, she just shrugged it off.” it went on to say “She died after suffering from years of cancer – caused by her smoking, treatment paid for by the taxpayer’s dime, damning a program that treated her illnesses while her followers used their “rational self-interest” she advocated to decide not to help her pay.” http://www.thefogbow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=954&start=400

There was an interesting rebuttal to these evidently false accusations against Ayn Rand .


I noticed one comment in the article:

“… in 1966 Rand’s Objectivist Newsletter said that not collecting from programs that one is forced to finance would be wrong. It said:

” …the victims, who opposed such laws, have a clear right to any refund of their own money—and they would not advance the cause of freedom if they left their money unclaimed, for the benefit of the welfare-state administration.”

I hear this all the time from people who want to collect SS payments now but the fact is there is no “refund of their own money”.

That is not the nature of social security and there is no fund to collect from. In fact there is no money in any fund for social security. Any benefit taken will be extracted along with interest from your children and grandchildren.

Everything you apply for from Social Security curses your children with more debt.

I understand that at this point most people need help from or are completely dependent on Social Security and that was the plan.

But if anyone is ever going to be free in the world people will need to start making the sacrifices that liberty requires. They will need to start doing what Christ said:

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Social Security system has failed and is only propped up with debt as it was in Judea and in Rome. The whole economy will fail too. There will not be a smooth transition and while we hope that many will repent, the only thing we can really change is ourselves.

Join the Living Network if you want to join with others to do what worked for the early Christians did to survive and thrive.

Not so Secure Socialism
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