Being Whole

Higher Liberty Audio

Recorded on August 6, 2016

3:00Words are symbols of ideas. Thinking in the Spirit is different. It’s receiving.
3:35How do you know what spirit is leading you, good or evil?
4:05Other realms influence this world.
5:45Other realms work in more practical ways than we think.
8:45Drug corruption in high places.
10:00Unaware of our own corruption we allow, condone, encourage evil – in our bodies, in our families.
12:00Experiencing the pain of others. Healing by touch. Connection between physical ailments and the spiritual reality of your heart or mind.
15:30Our change in thinking allows God’s natural healing to occur. Our natural state is one of health. Repentance turns us toward life.
16:30What brings about disease? God is a giver of life. Why aren’t we healed.
17:30Good intentions and bad can co-exist in the body. These aspects of mind, heart and soul that are not pure prevent us from being whole. These block our natural healing.
20:00To help others, we have to become whole. We unintentionally weaken others around us when we are not whole. It’s hard to see this about ourselves.
23:00The spiritual reality in our spirit, heart, mind and body can weaken us and prevent healing.
24:15Coach David article re: spirit of rebellion.
25:00We love ourselves more than our neighbor, and choose to love those based on what they offer us.
25:30The spoiled child. Overcoming traumas of poverty.
30:00Most family business wealth created is lost by the 3rd generation.
32:15Parents not in one accord weaken their children. Generational cycles.
34:00Righteousness includes rebuke.
35;00Instant healing occurred because she was ready to receive it. She accepted the truth about herself.
37:15What happens in the spiritual realm manifests in the physical realm.
37:50Light bearers shine light on the truth to help set you free. Addiction to abusive relationship.
40:00To get healthy physically, get healthy spiritually. Not reciting words. Where is your heart really at? Law and force cannot change a man’s heart. The die is cast in the spirit.
42:00Truth coming into the heart is what saves.
44:00Aversion to the church as an institution to provide for the needs of society. An ecclesia.
50:00How do we become closer to the image of Christ? What would Jesus do?
52:00Emulating is the beginning. It’s a mental pattern that leads to becoming. Children emulate the patterns of their parents or they rebel against it. Conformity or rebellion are both reactions to something.
56:40What is one characteristic you won’t find in the spirit of Satan?
57:10What is the most predominant characteristic you find in Jesus?
58:00Subtle ways we spoil our children. How to give strength to our children.
1:04:15Passing our patterns to our children. We don’t pass on righteousness.
1:05:15Weakening one another. How do we get back and heal? Loving those who hate and despise you.
1:08Binding and loosening. Evil, anger, deception.
1:09Auto-immune disease is an identity problem.
11:11:00What is blocking Christ from coming into you and filling you with life so you can heal? The blind man given sight without faith.
11:12:00Imitate in spirit AND in truth to follow His way.
1:11:00The way it works. Repercussions.
1:14:00How do you relate to others depends on what spirit you connect to and emulate. You can change your way of pride, vanity, time, energy, judgment of others,
1:17:30Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. What exactly does that mean? What does that look like?
1:18:00Definition changed: In the 1700’s the word ‘religion’ was about doing, meeting the needs of the needy. Today, religion is about what you believe about God.
1:20:00Making the word of God to no effect changes society, it’s degenerative.
1:22:00Changing ourselves to repel evil and only allow in the good.
1:23:00Lady Godiva, the real story.
1:24:00The real conflict between us and God.
1:24:30Can you love the abuser as much as the abused? To defeat your enemy, you need to love them. It’s like a lightsaber.
1:24:50Buying our children’s love by tolerating error. Compromise morality.
1:26:00Spiritual boot camp.
1:27:00Twisting the bible to mean whatever you want it to mean.
1:29:00Grain reserves. Society is very vulnerable today?
1:31:00Is your religion believing what you believe about God, or is your religion cultivating a society that has a daily ministration.
1:32:50To get out of the snare, you need to sacrifice yourself to others. Christ came to show us how to do this. He came to serve.
1:34:00Governments are the benefactors that exercise authority. The Father’s of the earth we were told not to call father.
1:35:00People create private solutions eg. Home school Clubs.
1:36:00Can we heal the body without healing the spiritual?
1:37:00A sick society.
1:37:40We’re living in darkness. The world we’ve created by our neglect is a world of darkness. Each of us must become a light kindled by Christ. The whole light spectrum, not part of it. Satan has part, but not all.
1:39:00The crisis ahead requires we put on the whole character of Christ. Sacrifice our egos, pride etc. for others. In the completeness of our sacrifice, Christ can enter and clean out the demonic influences in our life and family.
1:40:00The daily ministration was organized so it could be effective at providing for all the needy.

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