Breaking the Yoke that Binds Us

This episode explores how our current societal dilemma is the result of our ignorance regarding what the early church was doing and how it correlates with the Levites. The bondage we’re in today is due to our sloth and covetous. To draw near to God, you need to DO what God said. Unknowingly, we do exactly the OPPOSITE of what Jesus said to do.

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DownloadRecorded September 10, 2016

2:00Patterns that show up over and over again. Recurring principles in the New Testament and the Old Testament.
3:00Losing a language. Descendants can’t read the writings.
4:00Making a country “Great Again” .. greatness comes from intent of the heart of the people.
7:15Ignorance of what a free nation looks like. In a free nation, all taxes are voluntary.
8:15We were told never to return to the bondage of Egypt. But we’re back in that bondage and don’t know it. Entangled in the elements of the world that is worse than the bondage of Egypt.
9:30It’s not true that we’re saved because we believe in Jesus.
10:00What is a Christian’s relationship to government?
11:00We pay government to fund immoral actions like war, weapons, etc.
14:25Should we give to the poor without question?
17:49Why didn’t Jesus heal everyone?
18:00Government assistance is not charity. It is force.
19:00Your fruits show what spirit is within you.
21:50John the Baptist was a Levite. Why was he popular with the people?
23:00He was preaching a government of sharing, by free will offerings.
24:50Was Jesus a socialist? (link to article).
29:00Levites were a government, but the people gave voluntarily, in an amount they deemed fit.
30:00The ‘government’ of the church was administered by the Levites, who belonged to God. They received the offerings of the people and used it to take care of the needy.
31:15You have to take care of the needy to be a healthy society.
32:30The ‘altars’ were not stones, but men – living stones. Who had control of the offerings to meet the needs. Essenes knew the concept of animal sacrifice was a fraud, it was misinterpreting the scripture.
34:00Definition of Socialism various definitions depending on the source.
37:30Words and misconceptions.
38:00Mother Theresa
38:15Capitalism investing to get a return. It is self-interest. It allows for greed, but self-interest isn’t greed. Greed is excessive self-interest.
41;00Capitalism allows individual choice. Socialism gives the government the right to choose for you. God gave the individual the power to choose good or evil. We give our power away to government without realizing the significance.
43:30Jesus said, “many will come in my name (link to name article), but I know them not.” They were not caring for others. “Whatever you do to my brethren, you do to me.”
45:20Most people do ‘the will of the Father’ occasionally.
46:00It’s important to provide a daily ministration but it’s important to let foolish, lazy people hit their rock bottom e.g. drug, alcohol, lazy. In time, they will change their mind (repent) and ask for help (humility). Then it’s time to fully help them. Otherwise, we encourage them and weaken them.
47:00Many people have become dependent on government assistance. How do they find another way and break the yoke that binds them?
48:45Matthew 11:29, Jesus says “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. For I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
48:13So many people are too busy to truly seek the Kingdom of God, but it is the way to break the yoke of bondage.
51:00Recurring principle in the bible: You are yoked, in a bondage worse than in Egypt. Glean in the field at night for your benefits.
51:45There’s a lack of understanding about what the Levites were really doing.
53:00All the money that went to support the government, specifically, government welfare, even the military, was in the hands of the private individual until they decided to release it. They could not be drafted. They could not be forced into public service, they did not have to work for 20% of the year at the government request.
54:00Today, laws are in place to force people to perform public service. We gave this authority.
55:00We gave the government the authority to borrow against the future, thus burdening our children and grandchildren with that debt. This is a result of covetousness.
55:15:What is the opposite of covetousness? Charity.
55:25Charity breaks the yoke.
55:40Why does Jesus say “I will not hear you in that day”?
56:00We are pretending to be saved because we thought a thought.
58:00Free bread and circuses in history results in rule by tyrants.
58:30Capitalism and socialism. What’s the difference? Why it matters.
1:00:30Greed is different, greed can be in socialism, in poverty, in capitalism, in any system. It’s not automatic or inherent in the system.
25:10The services bind the people together with love and honor because people are freely giving. It’s not an entitlement system.
1:02:00Jubilee. Returning every man to his possessions.
25:27If you made it, you own it.
1:03:30Common purse (Golden Calf) runs toward evil (link to article). Golden statues in cities were the reserve fund. Spartans outlawed gold, they used lead coins, only good for value in Sparta. Designed to keep people in place so they stay and fight rather than flee if the country is attacked.
1:05:15Moses taught that if you had money, it should be kept in your possession, your own purse.
1:05:30Without these strategies, what could keep the people together in times of trouble? How to prevent them from fleeing to save themselves?
1:05:30Why do you stay to help your neighbor? Because you love your neighbor.
1:06:00Your neighbor freely gave to the Levites. Levites were the source of information. Their job was to serve all the people. The network of Levite ministers met the needs of the people in a way that strengthens the people. It was a voluntary government.
1:08:25Are you creating a network that voluntarily helps AND strengthens the poor?
1:09:45Isaiah 58
1:11:00It’s easy to get caught up in religious eschatology. Do the basics. Fast from self-indulgence. How to break every yoke.
1:15:30Do you want God to hear your prayers?
1:17:00Being told that “what you believe saves you, not what you do” is a lie and ignorant. What you do draws you near to God.
1:18:45The Levites were doing what God told them to do. This is also what Jesus told us to do.
1:20:00We often don’t see the truth because we don’t want to see it.
1:20:30Importance of gathering – in person, or in the same spirit. Facebook is an illusion of community.
1:22:10Rethinking how we function in the world. The Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought and make fat thy bones and thy shall be like a watered garden and a spring whose waters fail not. The repairer of the breach.
1:24:45What is the Sabbath? How does it work? {link to article}
1:26:00People in the US are already in debt when they are born.
1:28:40What are the ‘dry bones’? Hope was lost and they were scattered. This is the church today.
1:33:00It’s a myth that the Jews did not accept Jesus. How do we get flesh on the dry bones? {link to article}
1:35:00Kingdom of God is not a place. It is wherever the faithful are. The Church is not a building. It’s the people who come together and receive the breath of the Lord as they repent of their slothful ways and rise up and become doers of the word.
1:36:15The church was the government of God and did not exercise authority, but charity and love.
1:39:00Land of Israel is NOT a geographic location. It is where God prevails.
1:39:15Modern Christians have rejected God.
1:41:00We follow the ways of the world while professing His name … in vain. We’re not doing what Christ said to do. We need to change that.
1:41:25Justin the Martyr explained how it worked.

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