Church Governance

Higher Liberty Audio

Recorded on July 2, 2016

1:00As you think, so shall you go.
1:50A nation is a people, individuals some benevolent, some selfish. What a nation does determines.
6:26Nature of people is to want to make others comply to what they think is right.
7:26Is it possible to have a court system that does not operate by force?
11:14Doctrines can take over your thinking.  Tree of knowledge or Tree of life.
12:10Spiritual inner compass.
15:10What does it feel like to be wrong? It feels right. Discovering you’re wrong feels bad.
19:00The truth hurts. Denying the truth can feel good.
20:00Begin to find the answers.  Motivation – to defend what we know or desire to know the truth.
21:30Intent defines where you are and where you’re going.
21:50Discussed  Church Governance document that was sent in.
22:47What do governments of the world do that Christ said NOT to do?
23:00Coveting through the agency of government.
28:00System of self governance. Snares. Greatest destroyers of liberty.
31:30Holy spirit comes when you repent (change your mind), seek, forgive.
31;05Getting drawn to a different, parallel realm.
33:00Christ came to serve, not be served.
33:40Gathered together in free will assemblies.  Practice the ways of Christ.
35:20Free Church Report.
36:45When we see (realize) that we’re wrong, we have to shift, change directions.
37:00Desire to be one with the giver of life.  Who wants to control you?  who loves you?
37:50Blind to our covetousness.  Cursing our children.  Blaming others.
42:30Dealing with what we don’t know. How to see what is missing.
50:40Many authors and ideas – where are they wrong? Eg. Minefield – where to step and where not to step.
52:00Searching for what’s wrong in context of searching for what’s wrong in us. Introspection.
54:40How to seek the kingdom: Care about others as yourself.
56:20Military draft and universal service now ncludes girls.
57:40Direction we’re going. Sensing the spiritual reality.
59:20Who gives you coveture?
1:00:15“On that rock I will build my church.”  What was the rock Jesus spoke of?
1:01:28 Tree of Knowledge.  The comforter.  Ananias.
1:03:00 Social security.  Sabbath. Work first, then rest.
1:07:06 Church is not coveture that sets you free.
1:07:44 Ministers (ordained) and the system of debt.
1:08:45 Desiring freedom without the sacrifice and service.
1:10:07 Ministers (ordained or not) have no authority over people.
1:12:00 Anointing of the holy spirit.  Fast and pray. Draws you near God.
1:14:00 Choosing to listen to and follow the holy spirit.
1:14:40 Author of document doesn’t understand ‘no authority.’
1:15:00 Order of Melchizedek.  Altars of lively stones.
1:18:30 Orders of the early church. Tens, hundreds and thousands.
1:19:55 Reference to books Free Church Report and Thy Kingdom Come.
1:22:00 Token charity.    Healing, laying on of hands, miracles.
1:23:50 Following Christ, or not.
1:24:00 Author is decptive.
1:27:00 Kingdom of God has no pecking order. Recourse for conflicts.
1:35:26 Free assemblies require sacrifice, diligence, perseverance.
1:36:15 Pay tally of bricks.  Pay Caesar.
1:28:55 Taking benefits.
1:37:25 Sacrifice and service.  Love one another.
1:37:35 Pure religion is not emotional fellowship.
1:38:15 Casting your bread upon the water.
1:40:00 Comprehend the scope and magnitude of following the ways of righteousness.
1:42:18 Modern church has abandoned the ways of Christ.

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