Duties & Monkeys Must Hear Episode!

Higher Liberty Audio

Recorded July 16, 2016

To be a free people requires individuals to take on their duties and responsibilities and withdraw from the desire to exercise power and control over the actions of others. This audio discusses the organizational structure of a free church government, a titular government that facilitates freedom and provision for its’ people through love, forgiveness, faith, hope and charity. What are an individual’s duties or responsibilities in a free government? Who oversees it?

1:23Many forms of government
1:40Church governemt is titular, no authority to force others.
2:14In a free government the indivudal has the power to govern themselves and protect themselves and their neighbor from abuse or thievery.
3:05Indivduals have the obligation to act justly, righteously
3:31Christ spoke of the weightier matters: law, judgement, mercy and faith.
5:50Violation of rights – where do the rights come from?
6:14Legal rights vs. Natural rights. How does the system work?
7:04How does the system of God work?
7:20Rights and responsibilities are co-relative. Can’t have one without the other.
7:48People don’t have accesss to their natural rights because they don’t exercise their natural responsibilities.
8:15How does a free government operate?
8:50People today think bondage is freedom.
10:00Society evolved to need professional police because society is slothful, lazy in the ways of righteousness.
13:05How did society get to the point where people don’t care about their neighbor? People got slothful.
14:18Police and the Saul syndrome. Police and people need to work together.
16:00Long distance ‘congregations.”
16:58Motivation to gather must come by the holy spirit.
17:50What does a free government look like and how do you get there? How do you become a free people?
18:13Emerson – purpose of life is not happiness is to be useful. To have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
19:00The universe was created to give life, to give choice to others.
19:30God withdraws his power over you so you can have free choice.
Tobe a free people, you need to withdraw your desire to exercise power and control over the actions of others.
20:15To be willing to set your neighbor free is required for your to be free.
21:00Our mindsets constructed by trauma. The monkey experiment.
23:50Follow a rule as a tradition.
25:00Solzenytzin “The Gulag”
26:20Giving up on solutions. Story of The Ant and the Cup of Tea
30:30Sharing ideas from these audios is difficult. People don’t understand the history, language, relevance.
32:30Abraham taught how to set up systems of social welfare based on faith, hope and charity. Their nations remained free, strong and healthy. They were used to taking care of their neighbors. Teutons, Franks, Israel.
34:24Starting to love causes the uncomfortable realization that we’ve been unloving and slothful.
36:00Systems of welfare based on faith, hope and charity are the answer.
37:00What does it mean to do something in the name of Christ? or to take his name in vain?
43:30The Living Network: People in Congregations of Record of Elders (CORE).
44:00Duties of ordained minister, minister or congregants of His Church.
45:00Testimony is not what you say but what you do. Sacrifice for others.
45:50Your duties are your rights and responsibilities. Religion is the performance of your duties to God and your fellow man. To take care of the widows, orphans of socitey unspotted by the world. That is pure religion.
48:00Why join with others in congregation? Because others might need you.
48:30Tending to the needs (pure religion) is the duty of every congregant, minister or ordained minister of the church established by Jesus Christ.
Whatdoes that look like?
52:00People accept an idea, and then pass it on to others.
53:20What does it feel like to be wrong? It feels right.
53:25What does it feel like to discover you are wrong? It feels bad.
53:50Forgive yourself. Forgive others who taught you wrong.
54:40People are keeping each other down, but don’t realize it.
55:25To know Christ, you must follow Christ. Where did he go? To serve others.
56:00Very few strong families. Duties, chores strengthen family members.
1:00:00Churchanity provides a source of security and support while learning to walk the walk.
1:01:00Gathering in congregations. Free assembly vs. an association. What makes an assembly?
1:01:30Natural right to peaceful assembly. Assembly is composed of individuals, Associations composed of members.
1:02:30Type of group defines the duty of the minister of that congregation. Minister is not part of the assembly. He connects your assembly to other ministers and other assemblies.
1:03:27Natural duties vs. Contractual duties.
1:05:18Prayer in action.
1:06:50 Duty to fellow man is to participate, to care.
1:07:30Joining an Intentional Community for the wrong reasons.
1:08:12Problem with the common purse.
1:10:00Types of HHC Ministers and their duties.
1:15:00Pattern of two or more witnesses.
1:16:00Minister of Record. Sacred Purpose Trust.
1:18:00What made you merchandise? Covetous practices.
1:18:48If covetousness puts you in bondage, then charity and service sets you free.
1:22:43Kingdom of God works on faith, hope and charity. Not force.
1:23:15Current problems are not the fault of the bankers.
1:25:00Who ordains a minister?
1;27:00Only the way back is to learn to give and learn to fit together. It requires forgiveness.
1:29:00Doers of the word. Freely giving. Loving those who don’t love you.
1:32:00Circulation of the church is the way the body works.
1:34:00Minister is a junction point in the circulation of charity.
1:36:00Ministers connect together. Ministers need to care about other congregations as much as they care about their own. Then the ‘body’ is forming in spirit and in truth.
1:39:00Congregants don’t relinquish their rights or responsibilities. Rights are responsibilities. Moral responsibilities should be filled with patience, forgiveness, charity, love for one another. You are all parts of the same spiritual body. A spiritual bond between us and Christ, and each other
1:41:00How do we love each other? How do we practice true religion? What does it look like?
1:44:00A voluntary society.

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