Tracking the Beast

Higher Liberty Audio
DownloadRecorded July 9, 2016

Is tracking the beast actually serving the it? The collective consciousness of anger and hate draws you in. When tracking the beast, it gets behind you and in you. This audio explores why anger at the world is not a solution and delves into real solutions.

1:14Flaws in our thinking.  What drives our thinking?
55:18Spirit of the beast. Works in men, does evils bidding. Collective consciousness
7:40Symbols of evil repeat through time.
9:30spiritual identity.  Political leaders.  Becoming like what we hate.
13:04free government -consciousness of Christ-false christs.
15:00 Denying the spirit of Christ.
16:25willing to see the truth.
17:00the Holy Spirit and the unholy spilrit. Is tracking the beast actually serving the it?
20:00 Collective consciousness of anger, hate draws you in.
20:54Letting the mind of Christ write on your heart.
27:40Who is the puppet master.?
29:00Constantine – Catholic Church.  No repentance.
30:28Who is who?  Does it matter.?
32:00Listening to the spirit of Christ.
34:00Evil is in control.
35:18Facing our own shortcomings.
36:20Fearful news.  Rumors of war.  Political strife.
38:49Ken O’Keefe.
39:59 Caiaphus and Jesus.
43:25Many will be deceived.
44:25Who rules your heart?
47:00Why come together? Fellowship? Sense of belonging? To serve?
48:22Force vs. Free Will – You need to give, to whom is your choice.  Forgive all.  Forgiveness is not absolution.
49:55Stop trying to force people to conform to what you think they need to do.
52:30Positions of power draw evil.  People give power to government due to sloth.  No political solution.
54:25Christ set up church no force, no guilt, no threats, just love.
55:18Anger at the world is not a solution. Are YOU doing good things?
56:00Ways we’ve abandoned ways of God.  Anti-Christ.
58:30Government as provider.  Collective consciousness of the beast draws us in.
1:00:30Devouring one another.
1:01:51Learning to serve on another on a daily basis in daily ministration.  Giving daily.  Forgiving daily.
1:03:30 Selfish intention for gathering.
1:04:30 What’s the solution?
1:05:20 Giving, sharing, caring – the collective consciousness of Christ.  Love.
1:07:00 Conspiracies.  Top plan of evil: hate, not love.  Take, not give, don’t forgive.
1:08:35Tend to the weightier matters
1:08:50Will not impose your way on another.  Give them license to follow the holy spirit.
1:09:50Can you survive freedom?
1:11:05What is a minister of HHC? Meeting needs in a way that strengthens the needy. Facilitating a mutual assurance program.
1:13:35Coming into qaconformity with Christ. Living altars of clay and stone.
1:15:10Burning Bush Festival Aug. 23-26, 2016
1:17:37What is a minister? Altars of clay and stone. Free Church Report (book).
1:18:38What is an ordained minister of His Holy Church?
1:19:40What is destroying society?
1:20:25How free societies are voluntary societies based on faith, hope and charitly.
1:21:10Ordained ministers of His Holy Church
1:22:25Are you tracking the beast or tracking Christ?
1:21:53Collective consciousness, symbols and patterns rise up. Spirits of the ages.
1:25:20Quantum worlds. Oceans of information
1:26:40 Conspiracies.  Evil in the world.  What would Jesus do?  Turn around, take another way.
1:28:23Have an intellectual approach to the Kingdom of God, need a spiritual approach.
1:28:45Light of God is power and protection around us.

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