Tracking the Beast

Do we give the beast more power?

Recorded July 9, 2016 Is tracking the beast actually serving the it? The collective consciousness of anger and hate draws you in. When tracking the beast, it gets behind you and in you. This audio explores why anger at the Continue reading Tracking the Beast

Audio: Jesus Series 5 of 9

Higher Liberty Audio

Download 0:44 Osho 2:25 Forgiveness 5:18 Cutters – givers 8:32 Fake homeless 13:43 Feel good church 14:00 Magic words vs doing 17:15 Change through the Holy Spirit 18:05 Subconscious and mental illness 19:51 Chimpanzee mothering study 22:56 Positive thinking fails Continue reading Audio: Jesus Series 5 of 9

Audio: Osho 4 of 5

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Download 1:05 Definition of Osho 2:30 Covenants of the gods 3:33 The way of the Lord 4:59 The missing factor in society 5:23 contracts and covenants 6:54 The truth hurts 8:16 Iconoclast 8:44 Five stages of grief 10:48 Nicolaitans and error Continue reading Audio: Osho 4 of 5