Breaking the Yoke that Binds Us

How do you break the yoke that bids you?

This episode explores how our current societal dilemma is the result of our ignorance regarding what the early church was doing and how it correlates with the Levites. The bondage we’re in today is due to our sloth and covetous. Continue reading Breaking the Yoke that Binds Us

Audio: Dictionary Series – “Business”

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Download :59 Epigenetics 4:50 John the Baptist – “Repent. Make straight the way (path) of the LORD. 5:00 Kingdom oriented business 6:29 Left hand and right hand of the Kingdom 6:48 Genesis 48:14 7:19 Matthew 6:3 7:40 Right hand is Continue reading Audio: Dictionary Series – “Business”

Audio: Destroyers of Liberty

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Download Hierarchies Isaiah 1:23 Lovers of gifts…greatest destroyers of freedom They don’t “judge” the widows and fatherless. Judge = taking care of…determining the need. Heir – one who inherits Archy = Ruler – One who excercises authority one over the Continue reading Audio: Destroyers of Liberty