Breaking the Yoke that Binds Us

How do you break the yoke that bids you?

This episode explores how our current societal dilemma is the result of our ignorance regarding what the early church was doing and how it correlates with the Levites. The bondage we’re in today is due to our sloth and covetous. Continue reading Breaking the Yoke that Binds Us

The Staff of Life

Recorded July 30, 2016 The WHOLE gospel isn’t being preached, people don’t want to hear it. The modern church is not doing what Christ said but is busy with the business of being a church. Are you following your imagination Continue reading The Staff of Life

Tracking the Beast

Do we give the beast more power?

Recorded July 9, 2016 Is tracking the beast actually serving the it? The collective consciousness of anger and hate draws you in. When tracking the beast, it gets behind you and in you. This audio explores why anger at the Continue reading Tracking the Beast

Audio: Dictionary Series – “CORE”

Higher Liberty Audio

Download :50 Social compacts, Mayflower Compact, Squanto 3:28 Capitalism is the way of the Kingdom 3:48 Pure religion 4:35 Prepare for hard times 5:23 Congregations of record, witness, testimony 6:15 Corporation Sole 7:36 Elders, kings, natural family 8:32 Holy matrimony Continue reading Audio: Dictionary Series – “CORE”