Duties & Monkeys Must Hear Episode!

Recorded July 16, 2016 To be a free people requires individuals to take on their duties and responsibilities and withdraw from the desire to exercise power and control over the actions of others. This audio discusses the organizational structure of Continue reading Duties & Monkeys Must Hear Episode!

Church Governance

Recorded on July 2, 2016

Audio: Jesus Series 7 of 9

Higher Liberty Audio

Download 1:00 The “world” – Constitutional order or system of government 2:53 Reece Commission – Cox Commission 5:15 Sound banking 7:24 moneychangers 8:17 subversive 9:32 dumbing down of American children 12:45 Economic welfare of the American people 14:45 Internationalism 16:20 Continue reading Audio: Jesus Series 7 of 9

Audio: Deception

Higher Liberty Audio

Download :55 Right to choose 1:25 Inalienable rights 1:40 Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil 1:45 Tree of Life 2:20 Frederic Bastiat – Society vs. government 2:40 Social compact 3:07 Divine revelation 4:17 Socialism 5:00 Corban, contributionism 6:10 Continue reading Audio: Deception