The Staff of Life

Recorded July 30, 2016 The WHOLE gospel isn’t being preached, people don’t want to hear it. The modern church is not doing what Christ said but is busy with the business of being a church. Are you following your imagination Continue reading The Staff of Life

Audio: Osho 4 of 5

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Download 1:05 Definition of Osho 2:30 Covenants of the gods 3:33 The way of the Lord 4:59 The missing factor in society 5:23 contracts and covenants 6:54 The truth hurts 8:16 Iconoclast 8:44 Five stages of grief 10:48 Nicolaitans and error Continue reading Audio: Osho 4 of 5

Audio: Dictionary Series – “Cogito”

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Download 0:45 Decisions, tests, choices 1:55 Thy Kingdom Comes 2:21 Bondage of debt 2:46 Presence of the Holy Spirit 4:05 Spiritual and mental bondage vs. freedom 5:42 Epigenetics, spiritual DNA 7:01 Cogito ergo sum 7:23 Tree of the Knowledge of Continue reading Audio: Dictionary Series – “Cogito”

Audio: Ubuntu and Charity

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Download 1:20 Mind control vs. Indwelling Holy Spirit  – Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil vs. Tree of Life 2:45 Dogma 3:17 Truth 4:40 Spirit of the Beast 6:15 Ubuntu, tribalism, congregationalism 6:14 Sacrifice of the Red Heifer 7:15 Thy Continue reading Audio: Ubuntu and Charity

Audio: Deception

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Download :55 Right to choose 1:25 Inalienable rights 1:40 Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil 1:45 Tree of Life 2:20 Frederic Bastiat – Society vs. government 2:40 Social compact 3:07 Divine revelation 4:17 Socialism 5:00 Corban, contributionism 6:10 Continue reading Audio: Deception