The Kingdom Within

Higher Liberty Audio

Recorded June 11, 2016

There is power in love, forgiveness and service. There is a path to follow. Forgiveness is essential. Forgiveness changes the flow of energy. This audio elaborates on this and discusses multiple realms and dimensions, dogmas and doctrines.

1:03 Finding the Kingdom of God within.  How do you know?
3:00 Trusting the words of men.  Opinions – Truth
4:20 “Saved?”  or “of the world?”  Meaning of the word ‘world’
6:40 “Saved” but still harboring unforgiveness?
7:24 Unforgiveness toward government.
10:50  Demonic possession or mental illness?
12:50 Realms – Dimensions
17:50 How do we get closer to the Kingdom of God?
18:39 A path to follow.
19:55 Purpose of the path
21:20 What drives you away from the Kingdom of God?
24:40 John 15:19 – What does it mean?
26:06 Blaming the government
29:30 Dogmas, doctrines and do-ers.  Why form congregations?
31:00 Forgiveness is a process.
32:29 Matthew 21:23
39:40 Social Welfare
41:00 Gather together. Repent = To think a different way.  Caring about others.
43:00  Kingdom of God.   There is power in love, forgiveness and service.
53:00  Cashless Society – Legal Tender.
1:05:20  Knowing by revelation of the holy spirit.
1:11:00  Let go of blame.  Walk in the ways of Christ.  What does that look like?
1:24:20  Casting out demons.  Multiple realms.  Toolbox against evil.
1:39:45  Forgiveness is essential.  Forgiveness changes the flow of energy.

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