The Staff of Life

Higher Liberty Audio

Recorded July 30, 2016

The WHOLE gospel isn’t being preached, people don’t want to hear it. The modern church is not doing what Christ said but is busy with the business of being a church. Are you following your imagination instead of following Christ?

1:00The pervasive, unrelenting lie in our minds.
1:30To be free from the lie, receive the truth.
2:20There’s no freedom without truth.
3:10People don’t understand what the Kingdom of God is.
4:50How to seek the Kingdom of Heaven.
6:10Modern church pastors don’t understand. Brutes.
10:50Accepting baptism of Jesus Christ meant expulsion from the ‘social services’ of the day.
17:15Tree of Knowledge is what YOU think is true.
20:40We live in a vulnerable world. Naturally changing weather patterns.
25:00Disruption of the power grid.
27:00Do you focus on saving yourself or saving others?
28:00Social services is ‘public religion’
34:20Seeing our own selfishness. Knowing the truth about ourselves.
35:00Selfish society based on force.
37:20Corban of the pharisees makes the word of God to none effect.
42:00Following your imagination instead of following Christ.
43:30Sharing efficiently requires a network.
46:15Depletion of grain reserves.
49:00Modern church not doing what Christ said.
52:00The savage citizen is a symptom of the disease of selfishness.
53:50Christ’s example of righteousness is to save others.
55:30Our spiritual path can lead to tyrants and oppressors
56:00Armor of God
57:22Learning how to care for each other.
1:00:17Network of tens, hundreds and thousands
1:00:45Where does grace come from?
1:00:20Way of Christ is caring about and serving others.
1:02:06Casting bread upon the water.
1:04:50Minister is supposed to help connect you to others.
1:07:00Love is supposed to link everyone together. Forgiveness makes it possible.
1:09:00America was great because people willingly helped each other.
1:11:00The business of being a church.
1:12:00The WHOLE gospel isn’t being preached, people don’t want to hear it.
1:13:20Who wants to pursue the way of Christ?
1:15:40Pastors need to tickle ears.
1:19:40Everything in existence is the result of a spiritual reality.
1:20:00The Eucharist of Christ is not a wafer of bread.
1:22:30 False teachers. Private interpretations.
1:25:00Putting faith in action.
1:25:49You cannot be “saved” by thinking a thought.
1:26:45Way of truth is the way of love.
1:28:20Playing church.
1:36:00Benefits of unrighteousness.
1:36:40Vulnerability of society is a result of our spiritual path.
1:39:08“His will be done.” His will is that we love one another.
1:41:00Looking for ministers who are servants.
1:42:00Daily ministration.
1:42:30False Christ.