Audio: Osho 4 of 5


Higher Liberty Audio1:05 Definition of Osho

2:30 Covenants of the gods

3:33 The way of the Lord

4:59 The missing factor in society

5:23 contracts and covenants

6:54 The truth hurts

8:16 Iconoclast

8:44 Five stages of grief

10:48 Nicolaitans and error of Balaam

12:28 Denial

15:15 Anger

18:00 Bargaining

19:10 Acceptance

20:05 Depression

23:52 Resignation

26:45 Be in love with the truth

34:54 Humility

35:11 Knowledge does not make greatness

36:06 Forgiveness and faith

36:11 Fear and anger

37:03 Acceptance of truth – no bargaining

38:09 Relaxation techniques can direct blood flow

38:23 Negative emotions hamper healing

39:31 Be at peace with the truth

40:37 Desire to heal others

41:14 Seek to know God at all times

41:53 Ask for the gift of faith

44:56 Casting bread upon the waters – depression

46:52 Forgive good and evil

52:22 Meditation

53:19 Pray for love

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  1. The definition of Osho’s name in one of the Chinese languages is funny. Of course, he draws the reference for his name from a famous author. Nevertheless, I bet it would be scary hilarious to find out what names like Steven or Gregory mean in another language!!!

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