Audio: Epigenetics


Higher Liberty Audio:46 Epigenetics, grassroots

1:06 Sole entity

1:13 Relationship between a man and a woman

1:59 Mutual symbiotic relationship

2:55 Made in the image of God

3:06 Human biology, cells

6:15 DNA

7:45 Health

7:57 Thoughts can change DNA

9:00 Meditation can reduce levels of pro-inflammatory genes

9:55 God’s thoughts revealed by Him

10:50 Dr. Bruce Lipton, change perception

11:19 Change thought patterns, cancer

11:30 Poisons in environment, diet

12:39 Beliefs, reality

13:06 Nocebo Effect

18:16 Doctors are not God

19:55 Self-healing, Placebo Effect

20:57 Giver of life

21:10 Spiritual DNA

21:55 ribK2 and cox2 genes – histone genes

22:25 Diabetics

24:35 Subconscious thought

27:20 Epigenetic memory and inheritance

29:50 Meditation, mindfulness

30:50 Your Mind Can Keep You Well by Roy Masters

32:34 Positive thought, selfish hearts

35:29 Power of indwelling Holy Spirit over selfish subconscious mind

36:05 Evidence of indwelling Holy Spirit

38:40 Meditation and control

40:00 Christlikeness, servanthood, the “God” gene

43:00 Fear

44:36 Frequencies, prayer, fasting

47:14 Real, healing, life-giving love

48:40 RNA, nucleotides

49:50 Mind of Christ

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