Intentional Communities

Higher Liberty Audio

Recorded on June 25, 2016

:55Self-reliance Summit. Intentional Communities, permaculture, clean food, health.
4:00Gregory’s personal experience.
4:30NAME? Harmony with nature.
5:20Roman Empire living on laurels. Jesus during that time.
7:49Problem studying history.
8:20Many different ways of understanding information, ways of looking at it. Society.
9:40Human body.
10:25Our thoughts affect what happens in our body. Many factors for healthy body.
11:00Many factors for a healthy society and world. Requires alot of people who think in different ways coming together as one.
11:30Spiritual corporation.
12:00Paul preaching Christ crucified – sacrificing self to set people free from totalitarianism of Rome.
12:40Changing a culture by changing parameters.
13:15Separating by creating a new way within society – self sustaining.
14;30Kingdom of God – Free society – Chrisian culture to survive the decline of Rome.
16;00Christians had their own welfare system.
16:45Conflict between Roman culture and Christian culture.
17;18Rome fell into decay because they changed their parameters, ‘elements of the world.’
18:00Brexit. Relying on government for everything.
19:00Society is ‘the job’ of all members. How to impose the obligations of society is an ‘element of the world.’
20:00Factors in finding a free society. “Permaculture of Humanity.”
20:15Examine how elements of society fit together or not; how they work with or against what Christ taught.
21:00What makes Kingdom of God, what it looks like, how it operates and what steers you toward it or away from it.
22:00Decline of Empire. Elements that contribute to decline same now as then.
28:00Modern Christians misunderstanding.
28:30Many self-reliant, permaculture types have some, not all, elements held by early Christian society.
28:50When did elements of early Christian society disappear from Christianity?
29:00When did Christianity stray ? By what we did, didn’t do. Study the changes.
31:47What happens if the grid goes down?
32:19Living independent of the grid; legal issues.
34:15Interest in learning self-sufficiency. Teaching others how.
35:07CNN Interview, a bit misleading.
36:00Network knew who and how to help. Together voluntarily.
38:00Laws changing. Many people misunderstand legal rights.
39:40Corporate nature of citizenship.
40:00The reason people’s labor belongs to government.
44:25Christians, by following the way of Christ became very self reliant.
47:00What does it mean to be self reliant?
49:27Money, debt; Sabbath, borrowing.
52:30Changes in elements of society results in changes in attitudes and norms.
55:00Definition of democracy has changed.
57:37We abandoned responsibility, therefore our rights.
58:00Taking responsibilty.
1:00:00Ecology of nature, ecology of society. Cooperation with nature.
1:02:50Implications of development of cities, trade, inter-dependent economies.
1:05:00Desire to be independent and self-sustaining.
1:08:00Culture: Present and Past.
1:09:00How GMO’s lead to destruction. (seed cleaning industry).
1:13:20Permaculture is good, but we need to develop self-reliance in a bigger way.
1:13:40Impossible to be fully self-sustaining.
1:15:43Incomplete, partial information causes faulty conclusions.Misconceptions in history.
1:23:50Shepard symbiotic relationship with sheep.
1:26:30Eating meat, good or bad?
1:27:40Many elements of society make society unhealthy.
1:28:00In the world, but not of it. Are we in harmony?
1:31:00Jesus was creating an intentional community. Permanent community; 10 commandments secret to how it will work.
1:32:55Catastrophic medical bills. Solutions, alternative healthcare options.

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