Audio: Destroyers of Liberty



Isaiah 1:23 Lovers of gifts…greatest destroyers of freedom

They don’t “judge” the widows and fatherless.
Judge = taking care of…determining the need.

Heir – one who inherits
Archy = Ruler – One who excercises authority one over the other

00:10:22 Church was bound in love – taking care of widows and orphans unspotted from the “world”

00:11:39 You don’t even go to church to take care of the widows and orphans…you go to the government.

00:15:00 Christians should be saying, “Give me benefits that are collected by force.”

00:17:21 Sacrifice on “stones” and “altars”

00:19:16 As long as we obtain our salvation by coveting our neighbor’s good, we will be merchandise–collateral for you neighbor’s debt—a human resource.

00:21:05 You haven’t had capitalism in the US since 1913

00:21:40 You don’t own the land. You don’t even own your labor.

00:23:36 Wesley Webster – Is the church a Heirarchy or Christarchy?

00:29:30 What did Abraham do that was considered faith?

00:31:40 Levites were “naked” (without authority) – that’s why the people who had to sew their underwear.

00:33:40 EIN

00:34:25 Wesley Webster…how Worldwide thought heirarchy was established.

00:36:55 top of the pyramid is “supported” by the base which freely choose the minister.

00:39:00 YOU listen to God and tell us what he says.

00:48:45 The only reason the government has the right to take from the people is because the people asked the government to take from their neighbor.

00:42:55 Karl McNare – Global Church News, July/August 1994

00:44:00 Deacons – deaconas – groups of tens…structure was built from bottom-up, starting with families.

00:53:55 Local landowner donated land to the government to build a school.

00:55:15 Early Romans were very charatible…personal donations.

00:57:30 Isaiah – “They judge not the fatherless, neither does the cause of the widow come unto them.” Churches do not take care of the widows and orphans

00:59:10 Elder is oldest male in the family. Sons went to him to get permission to get married. Elder was responible for the wellbeing of needy in the family.

01:00:55 An elders is an office of the family, not of the church.

01:02:50 The significance of the number 70

01:04:00 Jesus fires money changers

01:08:45 The people should have had a direct relationship with Moses…it was their fault they didn’t.


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